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Art prints by Fine artistsSasso Stripes abstact

Let's Talk Art #03 an abstract piece of art

Let's Talk Art, an abstract piece of art in primary colors

Title: A large floral small version

Abstract Sasso Green, an abstract work of art

Roller Coaster, an abstract art peice

Sasso Abstract New



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Abstact art by James Sasso

Abstract Sasso Red artwork

Eons, an abstract artwrok

Sasso Abstract art

Let's Talk Art, an abstract piece

Los Angekes, an artqork

colorful Texas artwork



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Flower Flag tee shirt design

Will Work For Cat Food tee shirt

Capri leggings thumbnail

Heart flag tee shirt

Heart Flag Tee shirt thumbnail

Abstract Art leggings

James Sasso Abstract shorts

LetsTalk Art # 04 and art piece





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about this artist:James Sasso

instagram link to @sassothecat

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BOOKS--- All ages Coloring Books

James Sasso coloring book called The Poor Man's Picasso James Sasso coloring book called CAT COLOR

All ages Children's BooksJames Sasso Space Junk

Art prints by Fine artists

One Million Cats, a piece of art by Sasso

James Sasso -- Los Angeles 2019 tee shirt design

Untitled 2018 an abstract art

Tears From Heaven

Scribbles -- an abstract art piece


Rocket cartoon animated gif

Eyelids of Morning, an abstract work of art.

Dreams, an abstract art print

James Sasso artwork called Invictus Solaris

James Sasso portrait called Darla, a large canvas

 Sasso Abstract art

James Sasso