Los Angeles, CA

Cat Art Show/ Cats in the Bag

Art Conceptual

All cats in praise of the glorification of idols created by society and mass consumerism. James Sasso, the artist, mixes colorful visual linguistics exploring an eclectic range of media, including photography, drawing, cartoons, fashion, computer generated imagery and paintings.

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Sasso link to bio info James Sasso instagram link to @sassothecat

James Sasso art Jessica

Cat Sasso  Ruby Chase

Sasso cat bag art

Hello Titty Cat Concetual 2014

Josephine Baker Cat 2014




sasso art catnip flasksasso art bic

Sasso tee shirt cat


Cat Concept Bikini Cat 2014

Cheeta Girl Cat 2014 Cat Conceptual

Chanel Cat Coneptual 2014



El Sasso hand lettering rachel roxxx art sasso
    Jimmy Sasso art    



artworks by SASSO www.ARTtoGO.com