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James (Jimmy) SASSO


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Sasso's colorfully unique & vibrant art depict a visual language & multi visionary art aesthetic, created in multi mediums... Art to Go as a selling mark or brand, was formed as an original conceptual model in 1987, U.S.A. & is an evolving entity in the oeuvre.

Artist James Sasso  sitting in front of his art year 2015

James Sasso in front of his abstract artwork year 2009


Sasso with art BLUE MOON


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Chronology of art showinsg,concepts,events, publications...

2019 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Art of the Day 2019 April - Art of the Day Art to Go. Sometimes daily art postings for sale, in most cases, direct from the artist to you.

2018 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Abstract art by James Sasso2018 December -- Los Angeles: Artist Sasso creates new & colorful non-representational & non-objective Abstract expressionist minimalist artworks in limited editions of 100. . These 10 to 15 works are inspired by vibrational subconscious formations, stream of conscious energy flows & music. These works are currently for sale here at Art To Go.Please click on image for 4 examples.

detail close up of Playa Taxi Art Car door. 2018 August 25 - September 3 Artist/Attendee of the Burning Man Project at Black Rock City, Nevada.--- Artist Sasso's fourth year in a row to this large outdoor ART performance, multi media event & spectacular extravaganza, plus the second year Temple Taxi aka Playa Taxi hand painted Art Car was present at this global ART happening. This year Sasso found himself living in a camp at 2-G called Electric Oasis/Green Sector which was recognized for it's great design aesthetic in the architercture. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome.

photo of hand painted denim shorts as an example of Playa Taxi concept.2018 Los Angeles -- Using special iridescent fabric paints, Sasso turns denim, leather, suede, pleather and other surfaces into one of kind fashion art pieces as part of recycle upcycle ART conceptual @playataxi

Los Angeles artwork 2018 April-September - Los Angeles,California - Heaven --- James Sasso creates a small body of figurative portraits drawn & painted from life, sometimes daily( approx 170 ink & pencil drawings on paper, 14 paintings on canvas & graphic designs) featuring a girl named Heaven. Heaven, acting in her role as a muse, inspires Sasso to make more art & also models for the Playa Taxi conceptual.

close up of 1989 Mrecedes Bemz painted by Sasso--- 2018 March Los Angeles -- As part of Playa Taxi recyclefashion/Art concept& self promotion,a 1989 Mercede Benz 500 SEL became the next ( #03 in Los Angeles) automobile to be painted and turned into an ART CAR. Primarily black and white, the Mercedes Benz depicts Sasso's own original visual linguistics & other varied symbols from different cultures( Hmong, Chinese, Armenian, Japanese, Russian, Aborigine, Native American, Spanish, etc)All hand painted is his unique styled brush works.


playa taxi #02 Art Car thumbnail 2018 January -Febuary Painted in Los Angele,CA & on location in Sedona,AZ. Currently in Sedona, Playa Taxi Art Car #02 Provisional title: The Vortexian ) is a continuation of the upcycle/recycle Fashion Art conceptual, Playa Taxi. Please follow on Instagram: @playataxi

2017 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Playa Taxi concept2017 December -Los Angeles- A continuation of the Playa Taxi Art Car concep morphing into a recycle/upcycled & new fashion featuring hand painted denim jackets, hats and adding other items. Please follow on Instagram: @playataxi

black qnd white Photo --- 2017 November Los Angeles, CA- Along with thousands of others, Sasso randomly appeared in an International Street Art project involving large blow up photos pasted to walls, which were all photographed, printed & wheat pasted to a large public wall, on the spot. The display lasted 2 weeks on a large widely visible wall in Venice.


ARTIST STATEMENT                                                                 October 1, 2017

    Someone recently told me to, “make art for people who feel the same way that you do”, and for some reason this immediately resonated within me because I feel the viewer is just as important as the artist in this creative equation I pursue.  The physical gesture and action of, becomes the plastic manifestation as it springs forth from my mind’s eye, into the consciousness of others by their seeing.  The visual language and personal iconography I employ, is only as good as the evocations from which are elicited, because in any singular vision art, the audience plays a role in the various interpretations which are presented forth by the artist. It becomes a reciprocal relationship fused by the energy that becomes created between the two.

  My art forms can often come from a sort of unplanned/planned stream of conscious energy that can run the gamut from an intensely flowing horror vacui (fear of empty spaces), to a mindful and meditative minimalist simplicity, which intentionally isolates a stroke or gesture. They all arise from my own personal compulsions and visions.  What I see or conceive in my mind’s eye, can be articulated into art forms, to be deciphered or appreciated by others, but still remain my own personal visions, even though they become somewhat impersonal as soon as they are physically brought forth for others to see. Without the viewer, my art doesn't exist.

As I strive to heal myself and others through the gift of art and the transcultural style of visual communications I am spewing out, my higher conscious wishes that the world could be healed by art and that making art instead of war could be the future for our planet.

James Sasso 
(310) 806-5776
instagram: Sasso the Cat @sassothecat

Art car hood 2017 2017 August 27 - September 4. Burning Man at Black Rock City, NV. --- Sasso participated with conceptual & performance art: FX Painted body art, an Upcycled Recycled 2004 Suzuki Aerio art car ( alternate titles: Playa Taxi. Temple Taxi), a roving art piece first test driven in Los Angeles & then brought to the playa amongst the participants. Sasso also volunteered at the temple as a Temple Guardian. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome.

2016 -------------------------------------------------------------------

2016 August 28 - September 5. Burning Man at Black Rock City, NV. --- Conceptual & performance Art/Group experience and show, title:2016 DaVincis workshop: Sasso provided stainless steel Cat Tags/necklaces, FX body art, 40 hand painted hat/face covers as giveaways and a structure called Monkey Hut. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome.

2015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Poor Man's Picasso coloring book cover Cover of Cat Color coloring book 2015 October / November. 2 published coloring books. Created all artworks and hand written text, published by Amazon, 2 all ages coloring books as an art conceptual in participatory art therapy & meditation. : The POOR MAN"S PICASSSO, 100 pages & CAT COLOR, 90 pages.

2015 August 30 - September 7. Burning Man at Black Rock City, NV. --- A very large group art performance, multi media event & large spectacular extravaganza. Sasso contributed some conceptual & performance art in his madien voyage to the playa: Roving Cat Toy, a playful interactive piece. Creature, a small electric mutant vehicle, Catstronaut performance art, 45 hand painted hat/face covers & FX body art. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome.

2014 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

cover of space junks book 2014 July --- Space Junks: A sequel graphic novel style children & adults book (with the 2 previous book as forward) about the earth's environment, the unknown about space, black holes and ending at a possible parallel universe planet, all in a philosophical way with funny characters. All writing & original arworks by Sasso. Published via Amazon.

2014 Cat Show Concept link 2014 January -Los Angeles - Self financed Art marketing campaign involving a persona called Sasso the Cat, cat imagery, street art,,one of a kind leather cat hats, tee shirts, fashion, body drawing, pin-up, nostalgia, retro, 50 custom Bic lighters, kitchy stainless steel flasks and using both self created as well as appropriated photography. All cats in praise of the glorification of idols created by society and mass consumerism. 

2013 --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Space Junkers 2013 October --- Space Junkers by James Sasso. A sequel graphic novel style children& adults book about the earth's environmen,sustainability, team work, higher consciousness, etc. told in a philosophical way with funny characters. All writing and original art by Sasso. Published via Amazon.

2012 -------------------------------------------------

2012 Feb-March.-- L.A. ST SEEN ---Dallas,TX. Group Print show at Red Arrow Contemporary by Los Angeles based Modern Multiples, which also included printed works by other artists such as Banksy, Retna, Sherpard Fairey, Richard Duardo, Germ and others.

2012 Adrift Float Spa. Dallas.TX. A book signing to introduce Sasso's first graphic novel style children's book, Space Junk, with original art and handwritten text.

space Junk

2012 September -- Space Junk by James Sasso. A graphic novel style children & adults book about the earth'sspace environment, team work, friendship etc. told in a philosophical way with funny characters. All writing and original art by Sasso. Published via Amazon

2010 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

2010 Jan-Dec --- Coral Gables -- Continuation of showing 50 various large and small artworks on canvas shown at an art space.

2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2009 Dec. - Art Miami/Art Basel. 50 various large and small artworks on canvas shown at an art space gallery, Coral Gables..

2009 July- Bricolage: New , Used and Improved. Solo show of various artworks on canvas and paper. PaintLab, Santa Monica, CA.

2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2007 /Feb. -- Osborne Art Bull Group Show, Timothy Yarger Fine Arts, Bevery Hill, CA. A travelijng exhibit that featured hand painted wood bull shape and culmiated in the publication of a coffee table art book.

2006 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

2006 Sept.- Big Texas @ Gerald Peters Gallery Dallas, TX. Sneak peek of large Texas paintingfor Cattle Baron's Ball 2006 plus two smaller works on canvas..

2004 -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sasso cartoon Santa Monica2004 September cartoon short Fantasyland by Sasso , Self produced Animated experimental cartoon shorts shown at DEFMAN Film Festival ( Dallas) and Santa Monica Drive-In at the Pier. 2004

2004 Jan.- Black Cat Gallery, Los Angeles, group show with Abstract works on pape plus an 8' tall mixed media neon sculpture madesite specific for the event and displayed outside.

2003 ------------------------------------------------------------

2003 June - Escape to Cat Planet. Gallery at Southside on Lamar. Dallas, TX. Included 500 cat themed pieces on canvas and paper featuring Sasso's signature cat characters plus 3 mixed media neon sculptures.

2002 --------------------------------------------------------------

James Sasso art tangerine2002 July - Tangerine Show, Gallery at Southside on Lamar. Dallas, TX. Solo showing of new very large abstract works on canvas, including Tangerine I & II, Tropic, Blue Moon, Oceana, Circus, Bingo, Tequila Sunrise plus many smaller works as well as 4 mixed media neon sculptures.


1992 -1999 -- SASSO - Art To Go. Dallas, TX. Solo exhibit in artist owned gallery show space inspired by the tradition of Pop artist Claes Oldenburg’s, The Street and the Store/NYC 1961 and graffiti artist Keith Haring's,Pop Shop/NYC 1980's but wholly original concept utilizing a large custom neon/ stainless steel frontage on brick while inside, original one of a kind works on paper or canvas plus mixed media sculptures incoeporating neon, also including produced fabricated items such as silk screened & hand painted tee shirts/clothes,fabricated steel sculptures, silk screen limited edtion prints, printed candles, stainless steel & aluminum Cat tags and other things. Also featured prominently was Sasso's signature cat characters in various modes...

1988 -1992 -- PAZZI'S Show. Dallas, TX. At a new restaurant concept, continuous yet changing art display consisting of small murals depicting comical cats, also which appeared on all the restaurants tee shirt worn by staff and sold to the public,art on the menus, matchbook covers and also large paintings on canvas hanging on walls/ Other large paintings on unstretched canvas suspended by cable from the high ceilings, over the diners. Sasso also created the lettering for the restaurants logo and neon sign.

1988 March - Zanzibar Show., Dallas.TX. First public showing of various artworks on canvas plus hand painted tee shirts at Zanzibar Cafe, Lower Greenville Ave.

1986 Studio , Dallas, TX . Sasso finds a place to paint & make art on canvas, tee shirt, denim, paper and other materials etc. His original idea, Art to Go, was forned as an art concept project based on the idea of quick dissemination of art ideas to the public, in any way possible and by any means, both technical and organic, as the so called "Fast " art idea, combined with "Action painting", performance art and the work ethic of a Warholian factory studio.



sasso art jack daniel'sin pink


link to  Chronolgy of Sasso tee shirts 1986 - 2014


Recent Art clients: 2011- present

Adrift Float Spa
Oak Knoll Ranch
Sky Helicopters
The Loon Bar
NYLO Hotels
L.A. Creamery
Bobo Noir - an indie movie

Past Clients:-------
B.M.W. North America
Arnold Communications
On The Border
Baylor Healthcare
Planet Tan
Pizza Patron
Post Properties
South Side on Lamar

Wich Wich
Where Magazine

Varsity Spirit

Volkswagen U.S.A.


As seen or heard in...

Jimmy Sasso, travel channel, Venice
Travel / Discovery Channel , Sasso featured painting in story on worldwide broadcast as seen in...10 Best Beach Towns, History of Venice Beach California, March 2005, Los Angeles, CA.

Jimmy Sasso, Patricia Barretto, Satna Monica filmWatchavision, interview by Patricia Barretto at The American FIlm Market Festival, November 2004, Santa Monica, CA

Volkswagen, Jimmy SassoDetroit Evening News -- @ North American International Auto Show, Specialty Marketing Art Conceptual for Volkwagen -- Jan. 2001

Ashleigh Banfield FOX Evening News Broadcast interview with Ashleigh Banfield -- about art & internet domain name parking/grabbing, 5:30 PM news. 1998

One Life Radio: 1190AM DFW weekdays @ 10:00am. In 2013 and 2014 Live radio interviews/co-host and talk with radio host Bernadette Fiaschetti about book Space Junk and art. At Clear Channel,Dallas Texas.

Jimmy Sasso BMW art94.5 The Edge. June 1996 Live radio interview at Clear Channel about Sasso painted BMW Art Car as part of a large Specialty Marketing Art Conceptual.



Sasso cartoon Santa MonicaFantasyland by Sasso 2004, Animated experimental cartoon shorts shown at DEFMAN Film Festival and Santa Monica Drive-In at the Pier. 2004

IMDB credit for The Watermelon 2008 , Sasso hand painted a vintage trailer to look like a watermelon to be used as a prop in the movie.



Front page of newspaper /covers.

Jimmy Sasso art Dallas
1.) Smith, Allison. Photographer. Painter Sinks to New Depths for Art's Sake. Dallas Times Herald, May 23,1990, Front Page

Jimmy Sasso art New York City
2.) Beauchemin, Dan. Fine Art for Yahoos. New York Software News, January 2000, Vol.3 #5, Front Page and page 5. New York City

Sasso body paint cover3.)The Met ,Kallenberg, Gregory. 24 Hours, September, 1994, Front Page - Body paint & Cover Art By Sasso.

sasso page parkes model4.) MODELS REP/Page Parkes - New Faces Book, 1998, Art on Front and Back Cover.


sasso art cover5.)Where Magazine by Provencial, Terri. Art by Sasso , August, 1996, Front Cover & p. 29.

+sasso, shannon kelly, dee erbug6.) Greek Times Magazine.All covers of 12-18 months photographed by Sasso and some full page ads shot by Sasso as well. 1984-1685

Jimmy Sasso Dallas7.) Sayewitz, Ronnie. Uptight in Uptown. Dallas Business Journal, February 5,1999, Front Page & p.29.

Jimmy Sasso SMU  art8.) Stephens, Quitman. Working Life of an Artist. The Student Voice (S.M.U. Newspaper), September 13, 1993, COVER & inside interview p.12,13, 21.


BOOKS by James Sasso...

space Junk Space Junkers cover of space junks book1.) SPACE JUNK 2012, 2.)SPACE JUNKERS 2013 & 3.) SPACE JUNKS ---- All art and writings by Sasso.

Poor Man's Picasso coloring book cover Cover of Cat Color coloring book 2 published coloring books. The POOR MAN"S PICASSSO, 100 pages & CAT COLOR, 90 pages.


One page of art in the followiing books:
Sasso art Osborne Bull
Block, Jenny. El Toro De Osborne: The First 50 Years, 2008. Sasso Art , full page 101.

jimmy sasso, katillac kellee, artKatillac, Kellee. Kid's Sacred Places. 2006, Chapter 2, p. 16.



Jimmy Sasso tee shirts Varsity CheerleadersVarsity Spirit 2004, 2 pages of custom designed Sasso tee shirts commisioned by Varsity.


Newspaper and magazine stories or interviews:

Amador, Rose. Artists Business Suit Them to a T. Dallas Morning News, April 28,1991, p. 3Q.

Jimmy Sasso Turtle CreekBlanton,Sally. Questions and Answers with Sasso. Turtle Creek News, Edition 486, August 4, 2002. p.1b,4b.

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Jimmy Sasso beyond magazine  interviewBrooke, Shannon. Interview with The Artist SASSO. Beyond Magazine #1, 1993, p. 46-48.

Jimmy Sasso Texas art AustinCone, Tonyia. House Parties With A Purpose. River City Renaissance Magazin, Austin,Texas. March 2007, pp.24-25.

Jimmy Sasso, Jody Cage
Cage, Jodie. Tunnelvision.Tempo, October 16, 1995, p.7.

jimmy sasso, park cities people, gerald peters galleryHeap, Kristiana. Party of the Week Art Show /Big Texas @The Gerald Peters Gallery. Park Cities People, September 14, 2006, p.2C.y

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Kallenberg, Gregory. Cats in His Hat. The Met, April 1, 1995,interview and story p.7.


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jimmy sasso, Dallas, greg Watermann
photo : Turner, Danny. Celebs and Their Pets. D Magazine, June 2001, full page 56.

jimmy sasso. greg watermann, dallasPhoto: Greg Watermann for ROUGH: Dallas Society of Visual CommunicationsFebruary 1994 Vol. 3,issue 6. page 6.

jimmy sasso, tony hartl
Planet Cool. Tony Hartl - Art Collector. Dallas Observer, Metroplex Living. June 2004, Art by Sasso, page 33.


Also seen in...

stephanie quadri, jimmy sasso, allison smith, dallas CULTURE MAP by Stephanie Quadri, V.O.D. Boutique party 2012  

jimmy sasso, osborne artbull, timothy yarger , beverly hills LAstheplace.com. The Osborne Art Bulls Group Show Exhibit, on Feb. 2007 @ Timothy Yarger Fine Art in Beverly Hills,CA.

jimmy sasso osborne bull, timothy yarger Splash Magazines Worldwide.The Osborne Art Bulls Group Show Exhibit,, Feb, 2007 @ Timothy Yarger Fine Art Gallery, Beverly Hills,CA .

jimmy sasso, osborne bull, timothy yarger Foto Nuovo by Aaron Gill. Art Bulls for Charity / Friday Februrary 2, 2007 @Timothy Yarger Fine Art Gallery, Beverly Hills,CA .


As seen on tee shirts...


Recent Art clients: 2011- 2018


ABC Studios
Adrift Float Spa
Oak Knoll Ranch
L'Image Salon
The Loon Bar
NYLO Hotels
Runaway Runway Fashion Truck Los Angeles
L.A. Creamery
Bobo Noir - an indie movie

Jack Daniel's whiskey

Past Clients:-------
Arnold Communications
On The Border
Baylor Healthcare
Planet Tan
Pizza Patron
Post Properties
South Side on Lamar
Wich Wich

Where Magazine

Varsity Spirit




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