Space Junk Sasso

Space Junks Sasso

Space Junks Sasso

SPACE JUNK (55 pages year 2012), SPACE JUNKERS ( 35 page year 2013) and SPACE JUNKS (120 pages year 2014) by James Sasso, are original conceptual, intelligent and thought provoking space nature stories filled with lush colorful artworks and lyrical poetic prose, sometimes defined as Suessian ( related to Dr. Suess). Also described as intellectual books for children or everyone. Equally wacky, new and unparalleled, these books carry a deep statement about life,our relation to the environment, the future, the past and the creative imagination, yet communicated in a simple way with original unexpected "high concept" characters. All images and words painted by Sasso, an American artist creating an oeuvre that lacks a definition or comparision to any other known artists, past or present.

Signed Copies of any 3 books are available for $25 plus shipping. from the artist direct or you can also get books via Amazon. Click on titles



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